To destroy his father once and for all his what he truly desires.

Born in darkness, yet fighting it..

This guy is not like the others of his race. He fights for his  “enemies”, humans. He wanted to stop his father and did success in his mission.

I present you, the son of Dracula, Alucard!

Okay, this is my first version of him. It’s my first time doing a Link texture so it’s not that great. I’ll fix some stuff in the 2nd version.

Also, this is based on the Castlevania Judgement Alucard, not the Symphony of the Night one.


14 Responses to “To destroy his father once and for all his what he truly desires.”

  1. 1 Super Yirbi 03/18/2009 at 7:40 AM

    I say it’s decent for a first shot. Looking forward to the revamp.

    Also, you guys sure are going all out releasing several textures within a short amount of time. I believe it’s fine, so long as you don’t end up burning out on ideas.

  2. 2 fireking220 03/18/2009 at 8:14 AM

    nice but i can still tell its link. If a texture hack makes the character look nothing like his/her formal slef than its a number 1 in my book

  3. 3 Jose Gallardo 03/18/2009 at 9:10 AM

    I was going to say the same thing that Super Kirby mentioned. Revealing a whole bunch of TXS within 24 hours seems pretty time consuming. Try not to stress out!

    Great TXS, btw. Good for an alternate costume.

  4. 4 Super Yirbi 03/18/2009 at 9:44 AM

    Jose Gallardo: ……it’s Super YIRBI……created by me……

  5. 5 Jose Gallardo 03/18/2009 at 9:59 AM

    Oh, haha, sorry. I saw the irby part and assumed, Kirby (Being tired and all)

  6. 6 purplecatgowoof 03/18/2009 at 1:29 PM

    This looks pretty sweet. But thought it was fierce diety first.

  7. 7 BigSharkZ 03/18/2009 at 2:31 PM

    @Super Yirbi

    Thanks. And that’s me. I’m always having ideas. I have about 150 ideas + the 200+ suggestions I got 😛 I think that’s enough for a while xD.

    @Jose Gallardo

    Well, these days I don’t have much work so I can do some textures 😛

    Thanks, too.


    Thanks, and lol.

  8. 8 Bonzai 03/18/2009 at 2:52 PM

    Nice to hear from you again esh, and you returned with a lot of textures.

  9. 9 BigSharkZ 03/18/2009 at 2:55 PM



  10. 10 RaustBD 04/19/2009 at 12:31 PM

    nice hack but, Um… alucard isn’t out to avenge his mother. the people who killed his mother were humans, and alucard’s mother’s last words to him were: “do not hate the humans. if you cannot live with them, at least do them no harm. for theirs is already such a hard lot.”

  11. 11 Kiwi96 06/17/2009 at 7:56 PM

    AMAZING very good

  12. 12 Gamez1985 07/04/2009 at 4:20 PM

    Wait…… You decided to do an ALUCARD texture and based it on the NEW WII COSTUME!? His original was the best! I love the new Castlevania Judgement, but Alucard looks TERRIBLE compared to how he could!

    Other than it being a bad choice, it was done well. Not great, but well. GJ.

  13. 13 BigSharkZ 07/04/2009 at 9:11 PM


    I did so because his SoTN costume which is more awesome, I know, can’t be really made on Link. Maybe on Ike/Marth but the hair doesn’t really fit. Besides, I know this texture sucks.

  14. 14 Gamez1985 08/14/2009 at 1:42 AM

    It has been forever since I last posted here. But since I accidentally found my way back, I wanted to say something

    Since you’re good enough to do this texture hack so well, how about trying to do the original SoTN Alucard on Marth? I only have 1 texture on Marth I ever wanted to keep. And Alucard in Brawl would rock!

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