… There echoes a legend…

Sort of a continuation of my last post, or more accurately, an alternate version. Here’s OoT’s Goron Tunic, Silver Gauntlets, Hover Boots and the worst looking Biggoron Sword ever. I planned on including a code to make the sword bigger, but I have no idea how to make codes, and the only code I could find made it WAY too big. I also planned on making the Deku Shield, but there’s two things that stopped me; first, adult Link can’t use it, and second, it looked absolutely terrible. Trust me.

Anyway, here’s OoT Link V2.

I also slightly darkened the Zora Tunic, as you can see below.

And as sort of an announcement, those who follow my YouTube account know that every four textures I post, I’ll also make a video of the four battling, eventually ending in a tournament. So, here’s the first installment, Master Chief vs Other M Samus vs Magical Trevor vs OoT Link V1.


24 Responses to “… There echoes a legend…”

  1. 1 DarkFalcon 06/30/2009 at 2:36 PM

    Yeah, I’ve seen an attempt at the Deku sheild before…doesn’t come out to good. Better off leaving it as the Mirror Shield, or maybe change it back to the Hylian Shield. Either way, this looks great.

  2. 2 TK 421 06/30/2009 at 5:52 PM

    Well other than the sword, thats a good revamp.

  3. 3 Zombie dude 06/30/2009 at 6:06 PM

    Also, I have an idea for Waluigi Luigi Model Hack. Fire move is Purple, Luigi tornado is actually a purple fire tornado, Faster, taller, and skinnier than Luigi, but kind of weaker.

  4. 4 pinutk 06/30/2009 at 9:34 PM

    Nice job! Also I subbed to you and asked to be friends with you on Youtube.

  5. 5 Oni Kage 06/30/2009 at 9:40 PM

    EPIC!!!! but plz release your textures dude, we love em’!

  6. 6 Metagay 07/01/2009 at 1:10 AM


    I pray to god you release these.

  7. 7 Darkkirby 07/01/2009 at 1:44 AM

    good texture,but i hate OoT
    *preparing for the hate coments*
    i hope someone can help me with this
    i make kirby mario texture,i make the bobbery cap from paper mario: TTYD,but i got this error
    when i load it
    i eat mario
    but the cap is black
    if you zoom in,you see the texture
    any help?

  8. 8 chaoslink20 07/01/2009 at 4:13 AM

    never…EVER…hate my precious OoT….

    Oh and nice texture 😛 although i would’ve preferred the gold gauntlets more.

  9. 9 Anh-T. 07/01/2009 at 9:39 AM

    Nice work ! But there’s a mistake on the shield. Is it possible to hide/erraze the modeling triforce on this one ?

  10. 10 fireking220 07/01/2009 at 10:20 AM


    That means there is a hexing problem and u have to hes the hat into the pac file.

  11. 11 TK 421 07/01/2009 at 11:43 AM

    I hate hexing. I miserably fail at hexing.

  12. 12 WaddleDee 07/01/2009 at 12:07 PM

    Mirror Shield: Your Doing it Wrong

  13. 13 STUFF2o 07/01/2009 at 12:10 PM

    @DarkKirby !!
    NNN NN OOOO !!
    NNNN NN OO OO !!
    NN NNNN OO OO !!
    NN NN OOOO !!

    OoT > not-OoT
    Remember that!

  14. 14 STUFF2o 07/01/2009 at 12:12 PM

    @#$%! WTF? My giant NO! made out of letters has been turned into unintelligible jargon! How am I supposed to get my point of OoT’s supremacy into not-OoT-ers?! I know…
    ^ ^

  15. 15 STUFF2o 07/01/2009 at 12:12 PM


  16. 16 BigSharkZ 07/01/2009 at 1:27 PM


    Mipmap problems. You gotta hex it 😉

  17. 17 LeadofDestruction 07/01/2009 at 1:35 PM

    Hexing is not all that hard. You just have a sufficient amount of common sense.

  18. 18 razanak7 07/01/2009 at 1:55 PM

    @Anh-T. – Not to my knowledge.

    @WaddleDee – If you can do it better, then by all means do so.

    @LeafofDestruction – Elaborate, I’ve been having the same problem.

  19. 19 Darkkirby 07/01/2009 at 2:59 PM

    em…this can be a little N00b,but
    how do I hex? XD
    and i think OoT is one of the worst 64 games(I prefer majora´s mask)
    *preparing for EVEN MOAR hate comments*(seriosly,i hate that fucking game)

  20. 20 chaoslink20 07/02/2009 at 8:07 AM

    I know it is your opinion, but I can stand you saying it. OoT was one of the best games ever made, it had an amazing story and the gameplay was amazing (in those days, but I still LOVE the gameplay). The only reason majora’s mask was better, was because you could transform into different forms with the masks. Don’t get me wrong, I mean i love that feature, but in my opinion, alot of the stuff in that game was crap for me. I mean, you had that annoying-ass 3 day limit (although you could slow it down by doing the song of time reversed) which made the story short. You also couldn’t turn into fierce diety link outside boss battles (without glitches anyway..).
    So…OoT was technically a better game, in my opinion. And again, I understand, that in YOUR opinion, you “hate” OoT. I don’t mind that. However, going on a site like this, and just saying “OoT was one of the worst games evar” get’s really annoying.

  21. 21 razanak7 07/02/2009 at 1:04 PM

    Okay guys, let’s put a lid on this dispute. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but let’s leave the arguing to Gamefaqs.

  22. 22 Waddle Dee 11/13/2009 at 8:33 AM

    If only you had a link with the Goron Tunic, Gold Gauntlets, Mirror shield, and BGsword….that was my favorite look for Link…*gets glared at by entire staff*

  23. 23 person 03/28/2010 at 7:35 AM

    Love it! this one is cooler than the zora tunic one because that one’s tunic color is to bright

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