sextuple updates

you want this update? it ‘s yours my friend.


list of the texture I have in order…

fake man’s stage (MM9) stage builder parts

trunks (dbz)

bass exe (megaman battlenetwork)

SS3 gotenks (dbz)

frappe snow land (mariokart)

piccolo (dbz)





16 Responses to “sextuple updates”

  1. 1 BassJX (JXXXG) 11/15/2009 at 2:54 AM


  2. 2 HallowVortex 11/15/2009 at 3:13 AM

    Trunks’ hair should be lighter and more faded, otherwise great job.

  3. 3 fireking220 11/15/2009 at 3:18 AM

    love gotenks, U could edit the flowers and trees to be snowy and icy, I’ve seen a better picoloo somewhere but I forgot where urs is still good though, love megaman custom stage parts

    overall, great job

  4. 4 SlainUnderFire77 11/15/2009 at 4:00 AM

    The Trunks needs major improvement. But besides that, awesome work.

  5. 5 zBOREDOMKINGz 11/15/2009 at 4:07 AM

    I only knew who Bassman and Piccolo were…

  6. 6 Shadow 11/15/2009 at 4:25 AM

    Sex…. tuple.

  7. 7 darkredscorpio 11/15/2009 at 5:02 AM

    Hey Shadow.
    Man seeing gotenks, trunks, and piccolo again brings me back to when DBZ was still Toonami.

  8. 8 RoyMaster4 11/15/2009 at 11:27 AM

    Fake Man! :3

    I don’t usually download stage builder stuff, but still. Looks cool. Needs a better background though.

    Frappe Snowland is cool too (Literally), but I dunno if I want to replace Rainbow Road…

  9. 9 BigSharkZ 11/15/2009 at 2:01 PM

    The custom stage and Piccolo are cool. Gotenks needs more work such as a custom sword and shield, a custom Dragon Ball looking face and more detailed clothes. I don’t get why people are doing Trunks on Marth. He looks way better on Ike, personally. The hair looks better and you can remove the cape. You could make Ragnell his sword he got from that elf guy (Can’t recall the name). Bass.EXE doesn’t really look like Captain Falcon. Nice concept, though. Lastly, the snow on that stage doesn’t look detailed, and you didn’t edit most of the stage. It looks like you only edited the buildings and grass. Overall, kind of nice.

  10. 10 HallowVortex 11/15/2009 at 3:00 PM


    On Ike? But isn’t Ike’s hair, spikey? Ike would be good for super saiyan Trunks though.

  11. 11 fireking220 11/15/2009 at 5:17 PM

    NEED *twitches* MEGAMAN STAGE PARTS *twitches* NAO

  12. 12 Lexx 11/16/2009 at 10:37 AM

    No moar DBZ pl0x.

  13. 13 LookItsLink 11/16/2009 at 12:04 PM

    ChiChi and Bulma on ZSS next 😀

  14. 14 xithma 11/16/2009 at 5:08 PM

    i do not have enough rupees. the bombs are not mine my friend

  15. 15 BassJX 11/16/2009 at 9:51 PM

    @ hollwvortex

    yea I think trunks’ hair needs to be a little litghter


    thanks! I thinks I should edit the flowers to icy i guess.. i just started to work on that stage.

    better… piccolo…?

    @ slain

    to me it’s just the hair and his arm strap

    @ shadow


    @ roymaster

    thanks. the image of the stage did came out a little big i’ll try to fix that. also the frappe snowland is not done yet it still needs more detail.


    thanks for the piccolo , fake man, and bass exe comments!

    now for gotenks. I made him a while back (before smashbox came out) I’m gonna fix his eye brows or… just rip them off cuz ss3 doesn’t have eye brows and i’ll also fix on the eyes.
    I ‘ll think about the shield.

    now for the frappe snowland.
    I edited the building the pipe, the grass, the mushroom, and the rail thing (the walls that are blue and white they were green and yellow but i changed it.) and the sky. It’s still in WIP but i’ll add some more stuff in a mean while. Also i noticed that the sky wasn’t dark enough so i’ll have to fix that too. overall…thanks! holy shit that was long! *hands cramp from typing too much*

    oh almost forgot. trunks looks better on marth because he has teh hair. but i’m trying to remove the cape..if it’s possible.

    @ fireking

    Patience.. it’s coming soon 🙂

    @ lexx

    too much?

    @ xithma

    come back when your… mmmmmm richer. LOL!

  16. 16 jose90mp 11/19/2009 at 1:53 AM

    I think bass would look better on ganondorf..

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