New member pl0x?

Uh,  some of you guys probably know me from Stack Smash. Yeah, I didn’t leave Stack Smash, I’m only joining another team. (I have 3, btw. Stack Smash, ESH and Clash).

Well, I’ll make as many posts as BSZ, because I do stuff with him almost all the time.  So keep an eye on the blog, and wait for some future update by me.

10 Responses to “New member pl0x?”

  1. 1 TheGreenAlloy 12/21/2009 at 12:27 PM

    More updates, cool. ^.^ Welcome.

  2. 2 shadowsquid86 12/21/2009 at 12:28 PM

    Welcome “1”.

  3. 3 TheGreenAlloy 12/21/2009 at 12:33 PM

    Catogorize it as “Edgybluz” so people know who you are, eh? 😉

  4. 4 edgybluz 12/21/2009 at 12:38 PM

    Forgot that, lol.

  5. 5 Oizen 12/21/2009 at 12:52 PM

    Guess I’m not the new guy anymore.


  6. 6 BassJX 12/21/2009 at 1:18 PM

    welcome to teh team

  7. 7 ML4B 12/21/2009 at 3:11 PM

    When you get a chance call Star a “kid” will ya? Thanks.

  8. 8 Wave Kusanagi 12/21/2009 at 4:53 PM

    Hmm, Bluz huh? Welcome aboard buddy :3

  9. 9 S. 12/21/2009 at 7:00 PM

    ……….Bluz, you do stuff?

  10. 10 edgybluz 12/21/2009 at 11:06 PM

    Yeah, I’m just inactive on Stack Smash’s chatroom :U

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