The Fullmetal Alchemist, yo!

…no, the small one. Not the one in the armor. That is his brother, Alphonse Elric.

Texture Hack + Minor Vertex Hack.

Since I really lack in skill when it comes to texture hacks, this texture is pretty much cel-shaded. So, to make it somewhat better, I decided to add in some vertex hacks, which results in him never opening his mouth or something like that.

Download at BrawlVault:

7 Responses to “The Fullmetal Alchemist, yo!”

  1. 1 darkredscorpio 04/03/2010 at 2:48 PM

    Nice one Calamitas. this is really cool.

  2. 2 ninkakiwi 04/03/2010 at 3:37 PM

    Now we need the short noe but this will go great with my fma stage

  3. 3 Val Halen 04/03/2010 at 3:53 PM

    Hmmm… I feel that he lacks some details on texture, but looks great so far!

    Maybe you could go deeper in Vertex Hack and insert Snake’s bandana on his head, to looks like Alphonse’s “hair”…

    Vertex Hack Captain Falcon’s shoulder pad and scale it to resemble Alphonse’s… I don’t know if all this is possible, but would look great, for sure!

  4. 4 calamitasx 04/03/2010 at 3:53 PM

    OizenX has actually already made an Edward texture.

  5. 5 razanak7 04/03/2010 at 7:24 PM

    I know someone who’s going to fangasm when they see this. :3

  6. 6 thanyou 04/04/2010 at 5:54 PM

    P. good vertex hack, it works well, but it needs more details so it looks more like metal.

  7. 7 owned645 04/04/2010 at 8:06 PM

    I’m a big fan of full metal alchemist. So this is pretty awesome to me.

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