PAVGN Finally Makes BRSTMs

Seeing as how most of my videos on YouTube are of me playing Brawl with music not in the game, I really should have been doing this sooner. Recently I’ve started to make BRSTMs since Brawlbox allows me to do so easily. So I’m going to start making BRSTMs of songs from old and/or obscure video games, And I’ll be taking requests as well. Here are some songs I’ve done so far:

A Pirate I Was Meant to Be – The opening musical number from the third chapter of The Curse of Monkey Island.

Redial – One of the level themes from Bomberman Hero.

Happy Cat Factory – The final level music from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES.

Japon – This song is exclusive to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Title (Tin Star) – The awesome title theme from Tin Star.

Andy Asteroids – Music that is used for the Andy Asteroids racing levels in Earthworm Jim.

Mimesis – This awesome song from Bomberman Hero is heard during the levels where you ride around on Louie.

Title (Battletoads/DoubleDragon) – Kick ass intro music from Battletoads & Double Dragon.

Rainbow Road (F-Zero X) – This is a brilliant rock remix of the Rainbow Road song from Mario Kart 64. It’s exclusive to the F-Zero X Expansion Kit.

Ooze – The game over theme from Bomberman Hero.

Download link takes you to all of the songs listed here. Also, Please check out my texture and music topics on the KC:MM forums. Seriously those places are dead zones.

2 Responses to “PAVGN Finally Makes BRSTMs”

  1. 1 Lexx 04/17/2010 at 12:21 AM

    I think you should’ve done a series instead of just random songs.. o.o

  2. 2 The Right Honorable Judge Wallace P. Grindstump 04/17/2010 at 5:37 PM


    Well I do plan to do the entire soundtracks of Bomberman Hero, Earthworm Jim, And Battletoads & DoubleDragon. I just wanted to publicly announce that I’m able to make BRSTMs and that I’m taking requests for them since that’s what I did when I made Brawl with different music videos on YouTube.

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