A Couple More Soundtracks

This time I’ve got Sonic Colors Wii, Sonic Colors DS, and Mario Party 7.

Sonic Colors:

Aquarium Park 1Preview
Aquarium Park 2Preview
Aquarium Park 3Preview
Aquarium Park 4Preview
Aquarium Park BossPreview
Aquarium Park MapPreview
Asteroid Coaster 1Preview
Asteroid Coaster 2Preview
Asteroid Coaster 3Preview
Asteroid Coaster BossPreview
Asteroid Coaster MapPreview
Blue CubePreview
Boss ClearPreview
Challenge ResultPreview
Cyan LaserPreview
Final Boss – Part 1Preview
Final Boss – Part 2Preview
Game OverPreview
Green HoverPreview
Main ThemePreview
Option ScreenPreview
Orange RocketPreview
Pink SpikesPreview
Planet Wisp – Act 1Preview
Planet Wisp 3Preview
Planet Wisp 3Preview
Planet Wisp BossPreview
Planet Wisp MapPreview
Purple FrenzyPreview
Reach for the StarsPreview
Save ScreenPreview
Sonic Simulator – Aquarium ParkPreview
Sonic Simulator – Asteroid CoasterPreview
Sonic Simulator – DrowningPreview
Sonic Simulator – Main ScreenPreview
Sonic Simulator – Planet WispPreview
Sonic Simulator – ResultPreview
Sonic Simulator – Stage ClearPreview
Sonic Simulator – Starlight CarnivalPreview
Sonic Simulator – Sweet MountainPreview
Sonic Simulator – Terminal VelocityPreview
Sonic Simulator – Tropical ResortPreview
Sonic Simulator – Tropical Resort (DS loop)Preview
Speak With Your HeartPreview
Stage ClearPreview
Starlight Carnival – Act 1Preview
Starlight Carnival 2Preview
Starlight Carnival 3Preview
Starlight Carnival 4Preview
Starlight Carnival MapPreview
Super SonicPreview
Sweet Mountain – Act 1Preview
Sweet Mountain – Act 2Preview
Sweet Mountain 3Preview
Sweet Mountain MapPreview
Terminal Velocity – Act 1Preview
Terminal Velocity – Act 2Preview
Terminal Velocity – Act 2 IntroPreview
Title ScreenPreview
Tropical Resort – Act 1Preview
Tropical Resort – Act 2Preview
Tropical Resort – Act 4Preview
Tropical Resort MapPreview
Yellow DrillPreview
Yellow Drill – UnderwaterPreview

Sonic Colors DS:

Act ClearPreview
Aquarium Park – Act 1Preview
Aquarium Park – Act 3Preview
Aquarium Park 2Preview
Asteroid Coaster – Act 1Preview
Asteroid Coaster – Act 2Preview
Asteroid Coaster 3Preview
Boss ClearPreview
Cyan LaserPreview
Final Boss – Part 1Preview
Final Boss – Part 2Preview
Main MenuPreview
Mission FailedPreview
Normal CutscenePreview
Orange RocketPreview
Planet Wisp – Act 1Preview
Planet Wisp – Act 2Preview
Planet Wisp 2Preview
Red Burst TransformationPreview
Sonic Simulator – Main ScreenPreview
Special StagePreview
Special Stage (Fast)Preview
Starlight Carnival – Act 1Preview
Starlight Carnival – Act 2Preview
Starlight Carnival 3Preview
Starlight Carnival/Asteroid Coaster BossPreview
Starlight Carnival/Asteroid Coaster Boss (Pinch)Preview
Sweet Mountain – Act 1Preview
Sweet Mountain – Act 3Preview
Sweet Mountain 2Preview
Sweet Mountain/Aquarium Park BossPreview
Sweet Mountain/Aquarium Park Boss (Pinch)Preview
Terminal VelocityPreview
Tropical Resort – Act 1Preview
Tropical Resort – Act 2Preview
Tropical Resort – Demo VersionPreview
Tropical Resort 3Preview
Tropical Resort MapPreview
Tropical Resort, Act 1 (Wii loop)Preview
Tropical Resort/Planet Wisp BossPreview
Tropical Resort/Planet Wisp Boss (Pinch)Preview
Vs. Nega-Mother WispPreview
Yellow DrillPreview

Mario Party 7:

A Rare MinigamePreview
A Star Is BornPreview
A True ChampionPreview
Adventure Awaits!Preview
An Angry BowserPreview
Bowser Castle ThemePreview
Bowser’s InvitationPreview
Bowser’s RagePreview
Bowser’s RevengePreview
Climb The PeakPreview
Closing InPreview
Cool As A CucumberPreview
Cruise ChoicesPreview
Darkness RisingPreview
Decathlon CastlePreview
Decision MakersPreview
DK For All!Preview
DK’s DiscoPreview
Don’t Look DownPreview
Dreaming Of RichesPreview
Dueling RangePreview
Eight-Player RumblePreview
Faster! Faster!Preview
Fun For AllPreview
Fun In The SunPreview
Get This Party StartedPreview
Hail To The KingPreview
Happy MemoriesPreview
High NoonPreview
It’s A DuelPreview
It’s A New Record!Preview
Keep It UpPreview
King Of The RiverPreview
Lazy Day LollygagPreview
Let’s Go!Preview
Look Out!Preview
Many ThanksPreview
Mario Party ThemePreview
Mill It OverPreview
Minigame DefeatPreview
Minigame DrawPreview
Minigame MadnessPreview
Minigame VictoryPreview
Minigames At DawnPreview
Neon NationPreview
Number OnePreview
On The IcePreview
One Last GoPreview
Park ItPreview
Pearl HuntPreview
Ready, Set, FunPreview
Sail The CanalsPreview
Set Sail For FunPreview
Skyward BoundPreview
Slow And SteadyPreview
Solo DKPreview
Stop! Bowser Time!Preview
Take Me To PartytownPreview
The AfterpartyPreview
The Bowser BoogiePreview
The Duel EndsPreview
The Free Play SubPreview
The Koopa King FallsPreview
The Last HurrahPreview
The Mic ShufflePreview
The MotherlodePreview
The Race BeginsPreview
The Tough Luck RemixPreview
Time Grows NighPreview
Tough LuckPreview
Tough Luck ReprisePreview
Trouble BrewingPreview
Twinkle, Little StarPreview
Unknown Song 1Preview
Unknown Song 2Preview
Volcano PerilPreview
Watch YourselfPreview
Waterfall DuelPreview
What A Mess!Preview
What’s The Score?Preview
Who Will Win?Preview
Without A CarePreview
You Win More!Preview
You Win!Preview

6 Responses to “A Couple More Soundtracks”

  1. 1 Nuke 11/13/2010 at 8:21 PM

    lol. A couple?

  2. 2 The Right Honorable Judge Wallace P. Grindstump 11/13/2010 at 8:22 PM

    Win. Why update with only one complete soundtrack when you update with three?! This is excellent.

    I must say, Although I expected you to update the the Sonic Colors music, I didn’t think you would update with the Mario Party 7 music.

    By the way, I’m not sure about the whole soundtrack, But at least the one song that I had on my game from Super Monkey Ball 2 wasn’t loud enough to be heard in the game.

  3. 3 Meh 11/14/2010 at 7:24 PM

    I’m not particularly interested in any of these 3, but I’d just like to thank you for continuing to do all of this music. Making so many options available for people is a really great thing.

  4. 4 super hax 11/15/2010 at 2:29 AM

    rofl ya. a “couple” a couple hundred lol

  5. 5 Segtendo 11/15/2010 at 3:23 PM

    He means soundtracks, not songs 😛

  6. 6 xZedkiel 11/21/2010 at 1:15 PM

    Just gotta say, Planet Wisp Act 1 was a sexy stage with a sexy song. I love to just take my time and let the song play out. I also love how it starts off. So I thank you for making this soundtrack, now I can listen to may fave song in Brawl 😀 Hopefully someone makes a SSE texture based off of that level!

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