Mew (Pokemon RBY)

Psychic types may be weak to ghosts, but this Mew here is well-equipped to handle Gengars and their motorcycle antics.

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This devil won’t cry

Diabolos is my favorite summon in the Final Fantasy games but if you don’t know who this is, just pretend it’s the devil.

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Groudon (Pokemon RSE)

This is the third Pokemon I’ve made on Bowser and it’s also my favorite. Just click on the large image to download.

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We, Elite Smash Hackers members, as the authors of this blog, take absolutely no credit in anything we modify and/or create. Therefore, everything we make, even if it may come from another game that isn't published or made by Nintendo, is based from and belongs to both Nintendo and Hal Laboratory. We do not support the usage of pirating games for this use and trust that our fans have the game beforehand.