Guess who’s back~ and Uhm,
I’m not the only one who has risen from the grave:

Yes.. after working on this for what feels like forever..
After fixing so many glitches my eyes bled.
I finally give you;

Honey the Cat.


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DarkshadeDX news – READ PAVGN’s POST BELOW!

HUGE middle finger to my laptop right now, which decided that its fan would stop working. Its been sent off to be repaired and I get it back in 15 days tops -.-..
I’m already having withdrawal symptoms =P

Might be a little inactive..

…I’ll either have to steal my mums or use my craptop (school laptop)
which I’m using now.. it’s slow as hell and I can’t install anything :/

apologies PAVGN for over posting you.

Shadow Over Fox

Here it is! Shadow over Fox V.0.9! Continue reading ‘Shadow Over Fox’

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