Marx’s Lair + A Preview/Teaser (Updated)

How does nobody make a stage for Marx? This is one of the most epic kirby areas ever! oh well, here it finally is. One pic with a video is here. It’s kinda plain, but it looks cool! Continue reading ‘Marx’s Lair + A Preview/Teaser (Updated)’

A New Shadow

Well, we have shadow link, Shadow Toon Link, Shadow Mario, Shadow Kirby, Shadow/Dark Samus, Shadow Metaknight, Black Shadow, and…Shadow, but here is the newest Shadow in Brawl… Continue reading ‘A New Shadow’


It may be simpler compared to other stages, but its epic in its own unique way. I believe I’m the first to ever use the cool Subspace blocks to create a stage. I call it Nebula.
Continue reading ‘Nebula’

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