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Get Ready for a Display of Raw Angel Power!

What’s this!?

A voice pack from KIU!? But I thought it was impossible to get sfx files from 3DS games!? How is this even possible!?

Shun_One here with a surprise SFX hack. It’s my first one, but I still think it worth showing. For all of you who enjoy KIU Pit, this pack is for you! Unfortunately, getting some of the quality dialogue was rather tough, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating this pack until it’s perfect.

All 3 victory quotes are changed as well as most of his attack and hurt sfx. There’s still a few left, but hopefully they’ll be changed in the future.


My contribution to the Zero project.

This is all of Zero’s dialogue ripped from Mega Man X8, in both English and Japanese.

Welcome to ESH!

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