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My contribution to the Zero project.

This is all of Zero’s dialogue ripped from Mega Man X8, in both English and Japanese.

Rather than post some of the comedic scripts I wrote.

I’ll actually do something related to the site.

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It’s still buggy.

Here is an alpha version of Pichu, there should be less reverts and a fixed texture. Most of the credit goes to BigSharkZ though, as I just researched the errors and tried to fix them, so expect proper landing animations (except in fall special).

Here is the download:

I strongly recommend reading my Smash Boards post. Everything you want or need to know is there.

Also a new music hack, hopefully the looping error isn’t too noticeable. – King of Fighters Neowave OST- Cool Killers (Charater Select theme)?

Welcome to ESH!

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